Malice in Wonderland – The Royal Brigade (2013)

Russian version
Malice in Wonderland – The Royal Brigade (2013)Norway is not only a country of beautiful snowy fjords and homeland of true Norwegian black metal (according to what most of the people think), but also the place where in 1997 the great band named Malice in Wonderland was formed. Gorgeous guys from the glorious city of Norway - Bergen - after eight years of keeping us waiting, finally released their sophomore album –“The Royal Brigade”, official release date of which was set on December 10. The album is already available for ordering on the official website of Crank Music Group, for downloading on Itunes, as well as listening on Spotify. To say that the album was a pleasant surprise is to say nothing! Malice in Wonderland is one of the not that many bands that showed the capability to create something new, while remaining within the unique hard and melodic style of their own. The album combines beautiful ballads and catchy rock 'n ' roll songs. It is amazing, how laconically soft and deeply melodious voice of Chris Wicked combines in tune with the heavy guitar sounding of the songs. Crank Music Group

The fans had a chance to take a glimpse at the album on 28th of November, when their first single from it - The Black Wings – was released. Its lyrical gothic sound, coupled with the beautiful vocals is a guarantee that the song will be remembered and will play in everybody’s head for a long time after.

The CD was released under the Crank Music Group label, contracting with which, we hope , will give a powerful impetus to further career of Norwegian musicians. In Russia the guys are not very well-known yet, but with such growing popularity they soon will be able to count on a loyal crowd of Russian fans. The album was mixed by the legendary rock producer John Fryer, famous for his working with such well-known bands as Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. The Royal Brigade includes both absolutely new and rather long-ago recorded songs (“A Tear and a whisper”, for example), and songs from the recently released single (“New Year's Eve”). The album consists of 11 tracks, among them are “Diamonds”, “Moonchild”, “Tenebrous Lane”, “Have No Fear”, “Darkened Soul”. Especially beautiful (sad and a little tragic) sound: “Like the Desert Misses the Rain” and “Diamonds”. Energetic and setting a good mood are: “New Year's Eve”, “The Royal Brigade” and “Live For Today”. Overall, the time will show how the album will manifest itself on the world stage, but in the meantime our Norwegian friends are gathering an army of fans and active people are invited to join The Malice Brigade Street Team. We strongly advise you to do that too!

TrashFest VI, (4th of October, Gloria Kulttuuriareena, Helsinki, Finland)

Anastasiya Bokareva