Exclusive Russian concert of To/Die/For (December 6, Backstage club), Or the original way of celebrating Finland’s Independence Day

Russian Version

Exclusive Russian concert of To/Die/ForLast Friday night was full of snow and gothic metal joy, ‘cause Finnish band To/Die/For performed the only concert in Russia so metal lovers from St. Petersburg got very lucky. They released their album Samsara back in 2011, then took a little break and now the band is currently working on their new album (which they’re going to release in May 2015).

Besides To/Die/For, there were planned to give 2 supports: Jaani Peuhu and 16ВOMB. The Finnish musician (who is well-known for his work in Iconcrash project) couldn’t come so the guests were able to enjoy new trio project called Put/In/Cheese. It was formed 3 weeks ago by the members of 3 local bands: Striplette, Heartbreak Suicide and Chainsaw Party. These guys playing acoustic guitars performed several cover songs and Striplette compositions. They suggested participating in another cover variant of worldwide beloved Billy Idol’s song Rebel Yell – and, of course, everybody was screaming aloud with them.

The other supporting band, 16ВOMB, came from Moscow. These guys released their first single in December last year. This metal band was very active and positive (maybe even more positive than the previous one). Besides their own songs, they supported cover-tradition and performed well-known song The Moment Of Our Love of another Finnish band – Negative.

Both supporting bands were quite decent and very talkative, they spoke with the audience, made people smile. Their songs helped to brighten (or is it more properly to say “darken” when we’re talking about gothic metal?) audience’s mood and to prepare it for the headliners – To/Die/For. Everyone was waiting for them impatiently (the support went well but maybe it was a little bit too long alongside with all the preparations).

So as soon as To/Die/For entered the stage the main part of the gig began.

Most of the songs that they performed were from their first album (“first” means the one released under the name of To/Die/For) All Eternity. And In The Heat Of The Night wasn’t an exception. It’s great that the guys came with their another well-known cover song (which was originally performed by German disco singer Sandra). The audience was also glad to hear Screaming Birds. It’s a brand new song which the band is going to include in their upcoming album. And they’re also going to release a music video on this song on this Friday (December 12) so stay tuned!

All the band members were very dedicated as well as Jape’s way of singing, his gestures and actions contributed a lot in order to translate all the emotions kept between the lines. He greeted the audience, shook hands, even hugged the most lucky boys and girls and kept saying “thank you” in Russian.

Their set-list wasn’t long but it contained only beloved songs. And there was another excellent thing about this show: when the concert finished every guest was invited to join the aftershow party where they were able to take a picture with all the members of To/Die/For, ask them for a signature and surely talk to them and discuss whether they liked their St. Petersburg gig and the whole time spent here and so on. And, by the way, Finland was celebrating their Independence Day so all the guests could take a part in this holiday.

Our portal Insurgent.ru would like to thank Especial Bands and more specifically Anastacia Yakhontova for granted accreditations.

Set-list of Put/In/Cheese

Crackerman (Stone Temple Pilots)
God Give Me Everything (Mick Jager feat. Lenny Kravitz)
Make It Wit Chu (Queens Of The Stone Age)
Poison Heart (Ramones)
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)
Fuck You (CeeLo Green)
Used To Love Her (Guns N' Roses)
Crying On Saturday Night (Michale Graves)

Set-list of 16BOMB

Зеркало жизни
The Moment Of Our Love (Negative cover)

Set-list of To/Die/For

Hollow Heart
Live In You
Sea Of Sin
A?os De Dolor
Little Deaths
Vale OF Tears
Frail Without You
Screaming Birds
Together Complete
In The Heat Of The Night (Sandra cover)/p>



Text and photo – Irina Panina